Who We Are  

Did you hear something you like, and you've
been searching high and low for it?

Shhh…While major labels have been scrambling to keep the corporate juggernaut model alive, SUPERPOP.CO has been quietly building in the new musical landscape – no rules, no boundaries, just the music that you jump around to in your bedroom when you think nobody’s watching.

With multi-award winning producers Wizardz of Oz at the helm, Superpop.co is a meeting place for the most accredited and successful producers, fresh new artists, strange and exciting new sounds, and the music that everybody will be talking about tomorrow.

Our goal – Bypass the BS and get the magic straight to your ears. We bring you “Pop” (as in, popular – no it’s not a dirty word) music that will stick in your ears, capture your spirit, make you dance, drink, shout, love, or just hug it out. It’s music from the people who make the hits, but this time, it’s straight from the club, studio, jam session – fresh out the oven, without being white washed, over processed, focus grouped, market tested and regurgitated by major labels. You are the first to hear it.

You’re welcome.

Contact us at info@superpop.co