Dials and Colors

We wanna make you dance, we wanna make you think. We want to make you think about dancing.

Ms Triniti

Ms Triniti's unique vocal ability to switch from Soulful Songstress, Singjay to Deejay style Rapping, puts her in a category all of her own.

Marc Robillard

Fusing together meaningful honest lyrics with soulful melodies, Canadian singer/songwriter Marc Robillard creates his own unique blend of sonic artistry.


After starring in the national TV show Kinderen voor Kinderen (Kids for Kids) between age 8-14, she joined "Non Stop", a teenage choir, and participated in musicals Chicago and Les Misérables.

Miracle Days

Edson Choi, Dre Babinski create magical, haunting and eclectic sounds that hark back to the days of musical innocence and idealism.

Neon Hymns

Unafraid to wear their hearts (and influences) on their sleeves, Neon Hymns play a personal brand of folk infused rock with a true sense of honesty and conviction often lacking among their modern rock peers.

Nikki Flores

At the age of 23, Nikki Flores has already discovered who she is as both a musician and a young woman. With a powerful voice and the ability to stand out with little or no accompaniment, Nikki Flores follows the footsteps of her idols Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey while carving out a path of her own.


We sang, we drank, we fell down. Somebody recorded it.


Clooney is the music of the underground- dark clubs, late nights, high heels, broken dreams and superstar fantasies.

All Good Things

If you’re watching things explode at the movie theater, chances are you’re listening to “All Good Things” while you do.


Vocalist Wendy page (formerly of Skin Games-UK) moves between playful jazziness and moving beauty.

Danny Tieger

Vibrant an hilarious, poignant and kind, Danny Tieger tells storys, jokes cautionary tales and love stories, with the kind of wordsmithery that makes you want to have him on your Scrabble team.

Ivo Gleeman

Rocking singer-songwriter from Rotterdam blasts his own brand of sing-along anthemic rock.

Rose Spearman

Soulful, dancy, contemporary, exquisite, are some of the words heard when describing this songstress.

Something Clever

Something Clever, an active rock/metal quintet from Charlotte, NC with fist-clenching, 'go-for-it' attitude.
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