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photronique’s neon lights the theme song to little women ny

by SuperPopCO on May 22, 2015

Lifetime Network’s ‘Little Women NY’ is currently using ‘Neon Lights’ as it’s theme song.   Check it out.  

falling deep released to the world

by SuperPopCO on May 22, 2015

many falling deep tracks have already been featured on A&E and Lifetime’s biggest shows ‘bring it’ and ‘dance moms’.  

3AM Forever released for licensing and sale today

by SuperPopCO on March 26, 2015

Superpop’s new collection ’3AM Forever’ is now available for license and purchase at the links below. Check it out. https://www.extrememusic.com/albums/2627 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/superpop-3am-forever/id978771088

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